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Initiatives and Results

AMI Data Analytics for Program Administration Enhancement

Partner: EnergySavvy

Through analysis of customer usage and energy efficiency program participation data, EnergySavvy will detect program trends with potential to benefit the Residential HVAC and Small Business offerings.

Income Eligible Paging Display

Internal ComEd project

This project tests the use of the 152 MHz paging network to provide information to customers without requiring internet access.

All-Electric Residential New Construction

Partner: Slipstream

Slipstream is analyzing Illinois’ all-electric homes market to determine the viability of a program offering.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Partners: Greenprint Partners, MIST Environment

Greenprint and MIST Environment researched the potential for water savings in ComEd territory by identifying municipalities with the greatest potential for adoption of green stormwater infrastructure, then quantifying the energy and non-energy impacts of that adoption. 

Home Energy Reports Paperless Experience

Partner: Oracle

Oracle is field testing monthly electronic Home Energy Reports and High Bill Alerts for residential customers in order to determine whether savings can be generated in a more cost-effective manner.

Home Energy Reports Target Rank

Partner: Oracle 

Oracle is field testing a Target Rank module in their Home Energy Reports for residential customers that aims to provide greater savings motivation than their Neighbor Comparison module.

Smart Pressure Independent Control Valves

Partners: Slipstream, FlowEnergy

Slipstream is testing the potential energy savings for commercial chilled water systems with FlowEnergy’s smart valve technology.

Multi-Family Benchmark Outreach

Partners: Elevate Energy, City of Chicago, Institute for Market Transformation

This pilot provides a novel targeting and outreach strategy to the income eligible multi-family sector by analyzing energy benchmarking results.

Energy Incentive Acceleration

Partner: AECOM

When commercial real estate changes hands, the new owners typically make significant investments in upgrades and repairs. AECOM is helping builders take advantage of ComEd energy efficiency offerings to attract and retain tenants. 

Street Operating System

Partner: Blacks in Green

This outreach pilot is studying ways to increase awareness of the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program through community-based infrastructure and communication in the West Woodlawn neighborhood.

Smart Home Interaction Study

Partners: Slipstream, Green Marbles

Slipstream and Green Marbles analyzed connected device bundles to examine how residential customers view and interact with smart home technology.

Upstream Small Embedded Data Center

Partner: Slipstream

This research project evaluated the market potential for an upstream program targeting small, embedded data centers for commercial customers.