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Development and Submission Process

Once your proposal has been submitted to the Emerging Technologies Team, we will determine whether it offers a new technology or engagement approach that should be explored for inclusion in the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. The concept will be reviewed to determine its potential for energy savings, cost-effectiveness, and broad market applicability. If proper documentation to support energy saving claims is not available, the team may request that you submit additional information.

Step 1: Planning

Develop your idea utilizing market research and knowledge of current ComEd energy efficiency offerings. Ideas can include research on new energy efficiency concepts, new offering designs, new technologies, or new outreach strategies.

Step 2: Submit Your Idea

Register and submit your idea through our portal. We'll reach out with questions or provide you with an update within 4–6 weeks.

Learn best practices for submitting a proposal.

Learn how your proposal will be evaluated.

Step 3: Implement Your Idea

Selected proposals will move into the implementation stage, which may include customer engagement, technology installation, savings measurement and primary research.

Learn more about our pilots.