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Project Launch: 02/01/2019
Income Eligible

Partners: Slipstream, Southface, Illinois Green Alliance, Environmental Defense Fund

Using the BIT Building standard as the basis of a workforce training program, the BIT Neighborhood project is increasing the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings in income eligible communities.


The project aims to apply BIT Building practices to unite energy efficiency projects and workforce development initiatives in these communities. BIT Building is a set of cost-effective industry standards for existing buildings that enables all types of property owners and operators (except single family residential) to understand and adopt high-performance best practices. The project will recruit and train workforce initiative graduates to serve as energy performance improvement coaches, called BIT Aides, using the BIT Building curriculum.

In addition to training BIT Aides, Slipstream will recruit 20-30 buildings in income eligible communities into a process involving the benchmarking of energy, air quality, water and waste performance. BIT Aides will then lead enrolled buildings toward an improvement goal of 10 percent or greater and implement a continuous improvement workplan. BIT Aides will assist buildings in making operational improvements that generate energy savings and support owners/operators through utility energy efficiency incentive application processes. Slipstream will assist BIT Aides in collecting operational and energy usage data for each building and will create a robust measurement and verification strategy to understand the project's overall impact on energy use over time.