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Project Launch: 09/01/2018
Income Eligible

Partners: CMC Energy, Franklin Energy, Mad Dash

This pilot tests high-performance, cold-climate mini-split ductless heat pumps for income eligible customers living in multifamily buildings in the ComEd® market.


This pilot targets income eligible customers living in low-rise, all-electric multifamily buildings. During the 2018-19 winter, CMC and partners installed ductless heat pumps (DHPs) in 80 apartment units across seven low-rise multifamily buildings to test the performance and feasibility of DHPs in the ComEd market. The pilot team worked with Franklin Energy to identify and recruit buildings, with certified contractors to install the systems, and with Mad Dash to install submetering systems to ensure all relevant performance data is captured. 

The team will monitor performance of each system over 12 months, with quarterly checkups and surveys for participants. CMC’s final reporting after the completion of the monitoring period will evaluate the performance and energy savings potential of DHPs, as well as evaluate the technology cost and steps of deploying DHPs in a large-scale program effort.