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Project Launch: 05/01/2019
Income Eligible

This project aims to provide a simple and inexpensive real-time messaging channel to ComEd customers without requiring access to the internet, smartphones, computers or similar devices.


This project is in Phase Three. Phase One tested the ability to connect a prototype paging device to the 152 MHz paging network and receive data from it. A customer roundtable discussion was also conducted to validate the design of using a simple set of indicators on a fridge magnet to relay information to the customer.

Phase Two deployed the devices to 30 ComEd employee homes to test the robustness of the paging signals in home settings, device battery life, and participant reactions to better understand how the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program could leverage these devices to help customers save energy.

Phase Three is testing devices in the homes of customers. Research will be designed to track energy and bill savings with additional measures for customer user experience with the device. Preparation for testing and device manufacturing took place throughout 2021, and the launch of field evaluation is expected in 2022.