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Project Launch: 05/01/2020
Cross Cutting

Partners: Slipstream, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

The project team researched the feasibility of achieving energy savings from a utility-led building stretch code and retrofit code/ordinance program.


This was a joint research initiative of ComEd, Nicor Gas, People’s Gas, North Shore Gas, and Ameren Illinois. The project team established a path for municipalities and other localities to implement stretch codes and/or new retrofit codes with the aid of utilities. This included the Building Performance Standard concept. Throughout the process, the team engaged municipalities and industry stakeholders in a process to identify potential utility program support for more stringent building codes that would capture additional energy savings during building retrofits and new construction of commercial and residential buildings. Finally, the team determined savings and attribution methodologies for utility building energy code programs that involve stretch codes and retrofits for existing buildings.


The project team developed a stretch code and program concept for Illinois municipalities and utilities, and engaged with major municipalities across the state. They estimated the claimable savings potential for two potential pathways for stretch code programs in Illinois. However, it remains to be seen how quickly municipalities across the state will be willing to adopt stretch codes and how the utility savings attribution models for claiming those savings will work in practice. Future research efforts in this space will likely focus on these last two subjects.

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