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Project Launch: 05/01/2020
Cross Cutting

Partners: Slipstream, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

This research addresses the feasibility of achieving and attributing energy savings from a utility-led building stretch code and retrofit code/ordinance program.


This multi-phase project began as a joint research initiative of ComEd, Nicor Gas, People’s Gas, North Shore Gas, and Ameren Illinois. In Phase 1, the project team established a path for municipalities and other localities to implement stretch codes and/or new retrofit codes with the aid of utilities, including the Building Performance Standard concept. They estimated the claimable savings potential for two potential pathways for stretch code programs in Illinois.

Phase 2 continues conversations with key stakeholders and municipalities in ComEd’s service territory, with a focus on the long-term savings opportunity from building stretch codes. In addition to municipalities, the project team will investigate opportunities for utility involvement in the statewide building energy code amendment and adoption process in Illinois. The project team will also focus on developing savings attribution models and coordinate with program evaluators to enable the claiming of savings under stretch codes and building performance standards.