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Project Launch: 10/01/2018
Income Eligible

Partner: Franklin Energy Services

Franklin Energy is testing a variety of program design and outreach strategies to improve the delivery of the ComEd® single-family income eligible weatherization offering. The pilot brings together local community-based organizations to serve as trusted advisors to homeowners in Elgin, Joliet, Aurora and Rockford.


The aim of this pilot is to define a framework for scalable program delivery through dedicated market providers and trade allies to create deeper savings, improved delivery and lower delivery costs for the income eligible weatherization offering. Franklin Energy will research, design and execute multiple implementation projects incorporating different combinations of housing stock, measures, market providers, and included services (audits, direct install, and weatherization).

The pilot has two phases. The first phase will involve research and assessment of the housing stock and potential market providers within the ComEd® service territory as well as the creation of an onboarding packet and an implementation plan for pilot partners. In the second phase, the pilot team will select up to ten groups to test out a variety of program design elements determined by the results of phase one. Franklin Energy will work with local trade allies and new market providers to identify 25 customer sites that meet the needs of each pilot group, then complete the installations and monitor established metrics throughout the process.