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Project Launch: 01/01/2019

Partner: National Renewable Energy Laboratory

NREL’s research partnership with ComEd examined the technical aspects and potential energy savings of switched reluctance motors (SRM) in conveyor applications.


High rotor pole switched reluctance motors were evaluated for performance and energy consumption compared to standard two-horsepower induction motors. The performance characterization of these motors were used to model their energy savings potential in conveyor applications. Results of this research project will inform the development of a new addition to the Illinois Statewide Technical Resource Manual and ultimately the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program.

Results and Outcomes

The research team created a conveyor system model based on an actual customer system and analyzed the energy savings of replacing the systems motors with switched reluctance motors. The results showed a 31 percent energy savings across the system. As part of the effort, the team also developed a thorough calculator tool to determine energy savings across different system configurations. This calculator will be shared with the Programs team to promote future projects. With these savings values and resources available, the Emerging Tech team will move forward in exploring more opportunities with Switched Reluctance motor technology for industrial customers.