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Project Launch: 05/01/2019
Income Eligible

Partners: Slipstream, Latin United Community Housing Association

This pilot studies the energy savings and non-energy benefits of the Passive House standard in affordable, new construction multifamily buildings.


Slipstream will help ComEd® study the energy savings and non-energy benefits of the Passive House building standard for a multifamily building constructed and owned by Chicago-based affordable housing developer LUCHA (Latin United Community Housing Association). The building is one of the six buildings in LUCHA’s Tierra Linda housing development located in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. The building is constructed according to the Passive House building standard, which provides unique design and construction requirements with the goal of low energy consumption, such as:

  • Continuous insulation throughout the building envelope to prevent thermal bridging
  • Triple-pane, low-E glass windows
  • Utilizing balanced heat- and moisture-recovery ventilation
  • Exploiting and minimizing solar gain strategically

Before construction was completed in late 2018, Slipstream embedded energy and air quality monitoring equipment throughout the Passive House building as well as a neighboring, similar multifamily building. These two buildings will be compared to one another as data is collected and analyzed across 2019.