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Project Launch: 06/01/2020

Partners: Slipstream, Turntide

This field evaluation sought to better understand energy savings and economic viability of switched reluctance motors in commercial HVAC applications in the ComEd service territory.


This field evaluation of switched reluctance motors (SRMs) targeted the HVAC systems of non-residential customers. The project team installed SRMs in the rooftop units of selected customer sites, then analyzed the energy savings and operating characteristics of each retrofitted motor. Data from both pre- and post-installation operating periods was weather-normalized and extrapolated to a typical year to estimate annual energy savings.

Additionally, the project team conducted market research to understand ComEd territory building stock with rooftop units and applicable motors. The team then extrapolated the estimated annual energy savings to the most common building and system types in ComEd territory to estimate the total energy-saving potential.

Results and Outcomes

For this pilot, the Turntide Smart Motor System technology was used at a commercial office building in Schaumburg, Illinois and two retail stores in Countryside and Norridge, Illinois. The project team found 39 percent annual savings in the rooftop HVAC units (RTUs) in the study, driven primarily by savings in the supply fan component of the RTU systems. The project team’s market extrapolation found that retrofitting of all RTUs with single-speed fan motors and motor sizes ≥1 and <20 hp in ComEd territory with an SRM System could save 661 million kWh and 73 million dollars annually.

Read the executive summary and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a copy of the full report.