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Project Launch: 06/01/2020

Partner: CLEAResult

ComEd’s Strategic Energy Management offering tested how commercial and industrial customers can reduce their water consumption in addition to energy savings.


This project used the Strategic Energy Management (SEM) offering structure and approach to save energy and water for commercial and industrial customers. The project team recruited seven customers enrolled in the alumni SEM offering to participate in the project. Each participant received a site water audit and was offered an incentive for a water sub-meter to monitor water consumption on site. The SEM coaches worked with each participant to identify a list of low-cost water conservation measures and developed a plan to monitor and evaluate the water and energy savings at each site.

Results and Outcomes

Five of the seven participants successfully completed water conservation upgrades during the course of the pilot which resulted in approximately 7.7 million gallons of water saved. Overall, participation in the pilot led to a shift in mentality of continuous improvement of the participants’ water use and systems. One major limitation in this project was that water data is limited and new water metering requires significant time to purchase and install which limited the progress of some projects and the amount of available data. These barriers can be addressed with a longer program performance period and an increased focus on water meter installation and data collection.

Read the executive summary and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a copy of the full report.