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Project Launch: 04/01/2019
Cross Cutting

Partner: Axiom Marketing

This research project identified the greatest opportunities to reduce both water and associated energy consumption in the ComEd service territory.


This water channel characterization study analyzed industry trends and technologies used by some of the biggest users of water in northern Illinois. The study was conducted in multiple stages:

  • In-depth interviews with municipal leaders responsible for the water system, sustainability experts and water consultants
  • Analysis of U.S. Geological Survey data using a customized Tableau tool
  • Data analysis of local municipal wastewater plants
  • Delphi study to identify technologies and the potential adoption rates


  • There is opportunity to save 10 to 24 GWh of energy by focusing on the production of drinking water and treatment of wastewater.
  • Municipalities and manufacturers offer the greatest opportunity for participation through incentives and other enabling vehicles.
  • Incentives for pumping, aeration, filtration and software to manage and monitor systems (such as switched reluctance motors) would have the greatest impact on reducing energy and water use.
  • The residential sector has already seen significant decreases in water and energy use due to legislation, education and incentives.

Read the report.